Patterson & Co Defence Lawyers specialise only in criminal defence and are well established in Inverness. Our lawyers are highly regarded and have decades of combined experience successfully defending clients. We deal with all prosecutions brought before the Justice of the Peace Court, Sheriff Court and High Court; from minor matters to the more complex and serious::

Your local defence lawyers providing advice and representation to anyone suspected or accused of a crime


We specialise in all criminal matters including road traffic offences, violence, public disorder, drugs offences, proceeds of crime, crimes of dishonesty, firearms offences and human trafficking. Our lawyers understand that legal proceedings or involvement with the police can be daunting prospect. Patterson & Co Defence Lawyers never underestimate the impact criminal proceedings will have on your life. Our lawyers will guide and support you throughout the entire process, always remaining by your side.


Patterson & Co can offer you advice and representation at any stage in the investigation or prosecution which you are involved in. We are available 24 hours a day to ensure that you are never on your own should you be accused of having committed a crime.

Our Lawyers have a wealth of experience representing clients in the High Court, Sheriff Court, Justice of the Peace court and Appeal Court. We specialise and have experience in defending all criminal allegations ranging from minor road traffic matters to the most serious offences such as murder and serious organised crime.


Whatever you have been accused of, our lawyers have dealt with it.

Being Investigated?

Patterson & Co Defence Lawyers operate a 24-hour police station service and will attend any police station across the Highlands and Islands at any time. Our lawyers are always available for you and will attend at your police station interview to ensure you are never on your own when being accused of a crime.


We have extensive experience attending police station interviews in Inverness and throughout the Highlands and Islands, 24 hours a day. If the police contact you, asking you to attend the station on a voluntary basis for an interview, it is vitally important you contact our office immediately. We will provide you with advice and attend the interview with you, at no cost. If you find yourself in custody on an involuntary basis and are awaiting interview, request Patterson and Paterson Defence Lawyers and we will be there, again at no cost.


We will protect your rights, advise you fully and ensure that you are treated fairly.

Being Prosecuted?

We have decades of combined experience, specialising only in criminal matters. Whatever you have been prosecuted with, our lawyers have previously dealt with it. We represent clients in Inverness Sheriff Court and all other courts throughout the Highlands and Islands on a daily basis. Given our reputation we are also asked regularly to defend other clients at courts around Scotland.


It is important to have the best defence available for your case and you should have a lawyer who is knowledgeable, professional and by your side from start to finish. We will listen to you, advise you fully in relation to your case and represent you from first court appearance to the last. We are always available and will represent you skilfully, eloquently and in accordance with your instructions. Our lawyers, using their specialist knowledge and experience will do everything they can to ensure the best possible outcome for you.


It is important you seek legal advice if you are served paperwork from the procurator fiscal or you’re released from the police station to appear at court at a later date.

Funding Your Defence?

Patterson & Co Defence Lawyers are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board, which means your robust defence can be funded by the Legal Aid fund. We can talk you through the process to see if you qualify and will deal with your application on your behalf.


Please do not assume that if you are working, you will not qualify for Legal Aid. Our Lawyers fully understand the Legal Aid system and will be able to advise you fully on whether you will qualify, given your financial circumstances. We will apply for Legal Aid on your behalf and will give you the best possible chance of having your case funded by Legal Aid.


If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, we can offer a fair, competitive fee which will be agreed in advance before any work is carried out.