Crimes Of Dishonesty

Patterson and Paterson Defence Lawyers have been defending crimes of dishonesty within Inverness and throughout the Highlands and Islands for years. We deal with all matters from minor thefts to robbery and complex frauds. We have decades of combined experience in defending these cases



Theft is the taking of property of another without their consent and with the intent to deprive them of it either permanently, temporarily, or indefinitely. To prove a charge of theft, the prosecution must establish that you took property belonging to someone else without their permission and with deliberate, dishonest intent. You cannot commit a theft accidentally.


Theft by finding

It is possible to be prosecuted for 'theft by finding' where a person finds or appropriates property and keeps it without taking reasonable steps to establish whether the property has an owner.


Aggravation Of Theft

Theft may be aggravated by the way in which it is perpetrated for example; opening lockfast places, theft by housebreaking and housebreaking with intent to steal. Reset Reset is taking possession of or being aware of the retention of property which was taken dishonestly and with the intention of depriving the owner of its recovery.



Robbery is theft achieved by personal violence or intimidation. Fraud Fraud is an act of deception for personal gain. Fraud takes many forms, and many cases can be incredibly complex. Fraud is similar to theft, with the important distinction that consent to take the property is given. It is vitally important you instruct an experienced team of lawyers to begin preparing and defending your case.


Patterson and Paterson Defence Lawyers have experience in dealing with all crimes of dishonesty, from minor theft to more serious and complex fraudulent activity. We can be contacted at any time for a free initial consultation.